All new patients are visited to record a certain amount of information about them, namely: age, weight, height, hip measurement, body measurement, arms measurement, thigh measurement, blood pressure, heart rate,% fat,% water,% muscle, eating habits and medical history.

Affro Dance Fitness

Do the sport while having fun. It is a festive fitness session during which several african dance steps are used in the form of choreography to work the cardio-respiratory system in the patient, Coordination, rhythm, Flexibility, endurance and above all to de-stress participant.


Here patients are offered a training program that allows them to achieve their goal of developing such or such other part of the body. Then we help him unfold his session a number of times in a circuit training under the control of head of the room.


Like aerobics, fitness gym sessions take place: the general warm-up, the main part. At this level you can use the stick, the step, or the dumbbells, the abs-glutes and the stretching at the end.


After the consultation during the first session we produce a personalized technical sheet that shows the work plan to be followed by the massage session of the patient, the type of massage to recommend, the number of sessions.


All chronic illnesses can be relieved with this foot massage therapy. This type of massage provides an effective treatment against health problems linked to poor circulation of the blood, fatigue, insomnia, stress, sexual weakness, etc.

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